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Turtle nesting tour

The parks of Guanacaste are home to turtle spawnings . The national park, Marino las Baulas, is located north of Tamarindo with beaches for turtles to spawn. Turtle spawning occurs between the months of December and mid-March. Tours start at sunset, where we pick you up at your hotel. After a 45 minute drive, we arrive at the park, where the guide will begin the tour.

Marino las Baulas National park

$ 45 (Minimun 2 Pax)

The other location is an Ostional National Park. Ostional is located 2 hours south of Tamarindo, this is an unrivaled show, where more than a thousand turtles per day come to lay their eggs, the show occurs between the months of May and October once a month for 6 days or so, It starts early in the afternoon and goes until night. Tamarindo output is at 2 pm returns at 10 pm.

Ostional National park

$ 95 (Minimun 2 Pax)

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